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About us

Elemetal produces zinc compounds by recovering zinc and copper from waste streams.

Founded in August 2009, Elemetal is a spin-off from Delft Technical University focused on zinc and copper recovery from waste streams such as incinerator bottom ash (IBA) residues from Energy-from-Waste facilities.

Elemetal focuses on up-cycling non-ferrous metals from secondary/waste streams. Today, we have developed our expertise in separating zinc from waste streams through our hydrometallurgical and physical separation processes.

Our mission

We contribute to the circular economy by giving life to metals from waste streams. Our products and services provide sustainable solutions for waste streams while providing 100% secondary zinc for consumer products and agriculture. 

The overarching sustainability mission of our parent company Blue Phoenix Group aims to continuously develop, produce and optimize the recycling of materials from incinerator bottom ash in a way that fulfils our mission of building a sustainable future.