• We are Elemetal

  • We give zinc a new life


Elemetal produces zinc sulphate products by recovering zinc from waste streams. We aim to contribute to the circular economy by closing the recycling loop of zinc. 


Elemetal produces 100% recycled products from secondary products and waste streams. Elemetal produces various products used in a range of markets. From fertilizers to animal supplements.

  • Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate

  • Zinc Sulphate Solution

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Elemetal aims to reduce energy and primary raw materials need by making use of 100% secondary zinc sources. With a strong connection to the Waste-to-Energy market through our group, Elemetal has a unique concept of up-cycling zinc from incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and other waste streams.

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    Zinc is the fourth most used metal after iron, aluminium and copper and comprises about 0.007% of the Earth crust. Zinc sulphate has a range of applications ranging from the production of fertilizers to personal care products.

    • Agriculture

    • Animal Feed

    • Industry and Manufacturing

    • Health and Cosmetics

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    Elemetal aims to contribute to the circular economy by closing the recycling loop with hydrometallurgical technology for extracting metals from waste streams. Elemetal reduces the environmental burden of zinc and copper mining and processing from ore, while reducing GHG emissions from electricity and transport.

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